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Aviation Propulsion

In a March 2008 Air and Space magazine article (above and right), Gerry Merrill of API describes his concept for a jet-powered aircraft that can be built for the cost of a propeller-driven airplane and, at low speeds and altitudes, can get much better gas mileage than a typical private jet.

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BLPP (Boundary Layer Pumped Proulsion) is an API concept that has a potential for a giant leap forward in subsonic avaition.  Wind tunnel tests (pictured at right)  have acheived Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) values of 90%.  This reduction in drag can benefit new aircraft design by: 
    Flight Speed Increase
    Range/Endurance Increases
    Fuel Consumption Reduction
    Aircraft Size/Cost Reduction
    Direct Operating Cost (fuel) Reduction
    Overall Mission Enhancement

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