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CH47 FARE System

Time and Materials

Design, Development, Build


Robertson Aviation

Product design and development effort for a helicopter refueling equipment kit for Army special forces helicopters.

  • Pump/valve fuel transfer system with high rate transfer
  • 4 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft carrying container to store hoses and fittings                   
  • Rated for 16g helicopter crash loads.
  • First article qualification testing
  • Delivered complete drawing and analysis package.

Boeing 777 Door 1 Mockup

Firm Fixed Price


BF Goodrich

Designed and built a mockup of fuselage area and door for Door 1 of the Boeing 777 airliner for evacuation slide qualification testing.

  • Generated 3D CAD data of fuselage area
  • Developed fiberglass mockup of that area
  • Fabricated aluminum frame floor that held 20 people
  • Door mechanism included a defined kinematic travel path

Bell Helicopter PMA Parts Reverse Engineering

Firm Fixed Price and Time and Materials

Air Services International

Performed reverse engineering of multiple Bell Helicopter parts to develop engineering design packages for submittal under the FAA PMA Parts program.

  • Parts inspection to develop dimensional data,
  • Materials testing to develop materials and processing specs
  • Repair and overhaul requirements assessment for tolerance requirements
  • Parts ranged from complex power transfer shafts to simple bushings.

SeaWolf Submarine Actuator Test Fixtures

Firm Fixed Price


AlliedSignal Fluid Systems

Designed and built a set of four test fixtures for high force quiet hydraulic actuators for the SeaWolf Submarine program.

  • Structural design of light weight high load systems
  • Multiple configurations involving bolted and welded aluminum structures.
  • Delivered drawings, structural analyses, and the completed test fixtures.

Corrugated Sheet Metal Stretch Forming Machine

Time and Materials

Powers Steel

Designed hydraulic stretch forming machine to allow bending without buckling of corrugated thin guage sheet metal.

  • Structural analysis to define required bend radii and clamping loads
  • Designed configuration and selected COTS hydraulic components  
  • Supervised build of the first unit at the customers facility
  • Led to a highly successful product line for the steel fabrication company

120 lb Thrust Aft Fan Lift Engine Design

Time and Materials


Designed lift engine for small covert operations vertical take off and landing UAV.

  • low cost lift engine based on model airplane turboprop as a starting point  
  • added a fan along with associated mounting and flow path routing
  • Delivered a full set of manufacturing drawings & aerodynamic and structural analyses.

List of Additional Service Programs

Air bag based seat belt system test bed - BF Goodrich.
CH53 Tank Tie Down System - Robertson Aviation
DC10 Over the Wing Door Mockup - BF Goodrich
Army Mixed Flow Turbine Rig Design - AlliedSignal Engine Company
Conversion of German language seat belt manufacturing drawing to English language - AMSAFE
Brayton Cycle Receiver Design for 25 kWe Solar System - AlliedSignal
Deisgn of steam retorts for Military MRE’s - Dial Corp.
Solar Mirror Construction support and digester combustion system designs - SES Inc.
Gas turbine start cart fuel control laws development - Tiernay Turbines
Analytical model of system dynamics for airmotor based soft landing system -Warrick and Assoc.
Energy absorber design for 16g airliner seat program - Warrick &Associates/Simula Inc.
Rotary engine/compressor design for patent application - Biswell McCall.