API Engineering LLC & Advanced Propulsion Inc
Design and System Engineering Services 

Program and Customer Heritage

                                 Undersea Programs
nSMTD Torpedo Propulsion (Martin Marietta/TRW/ArgoTech)
MMD Countermeasure Propulsion & Control (Bendix Oceanics)
MK 50 Torpedo Propulsion (Honeywell Inc./TRW/Westinghouse)
nMK46 Power Upgrade Study (Argo Tech)
nAdvanced Heavyweight SCEPS Propulsion System (TRW)
nHydrogen-Oxygen Combustor Design (AlliedSignal)
nHeater Head for ARL LELFAS/UUV Wick Stirling Power System (STC)
nClosed Cycle Stored Heat Engine (API & Ettem USA Proprietary)
nSMTD Open Cycle Solid Propellant Turbine (API Proprietary)

                          Aircraft & Turbine Engine Programs
nGeneral Aviation X-Plane Program Development (NASA Lewis)
Boundary layer Pumped Propulsion (BLPP) (also SBIR below))
nLow-Density Short-Haul Airliner Systems Studies (API Proprietary)
nDouglas Private Jets (API Proprietary)
nGunslinger VTOL Close Air Support (API Proprietary)
nFan Wing VTOL UAV System (API Proprietary)

                                        Other Funded Research
Boundary Layer Pumped Propulsion System (NASA Langley) (SBIR)
Low Cost General Aviation Fan System Design (NASA Lewis) (SBIR)

Low Cost Fan Rotor Design & Fab (500 LBF TurboFan) (Michigan SATS)
Low-cost Combustor Research (NASA Lewis)(SBIR)

                                        Engineering Services 
CH47 FARE System (Robertson Aviation)
Boeing 777 Door 1 Mockup (BF Goodrich)
Bell Helicopter PMA Parts Reverse Engineering (Air Services International)
SeaWolf Submarine Actuator Test Fixtures (Allied Signal Fluid Systems)
Corrugated Sheet Metal Stretch Forming Machine (Powers Steel)
120 Ib Thrust Aft Fan Lift Engine Design (STARA Inc)
Air Bag Based Seat Belt System Test Bed (BF Goodrich)
CH53 Tank Tie Down System (Robertson Aviation)
DC10 Over the Wing Door Mockup (BF Goodrich)
Army Mixed Flow Turbine Rig Design (Allied Signal Engine Company)
Conversion of German Language Seat Belt Drawings to English (AMSAFE)
Brayton Cycle Reciever Design for 25 KWe Solar System (Allied Signal)
Solar Mirror Construction Support & Digester Combustion Designs (SES Inc)
Energy Absorber Design for 12g Airliner Seat Program (Warrick & Assoc.)
Rotary Engine/Compressor Design for Patent Application (Biswell McCall)